Private Lessons

Lessons should be based on a program for each individual player.  Not every player is the same and may require a different approach to bring out each player’s individual strength.

Every individual’s program should consist of strength training and developing proper mechanics.   Strength combined with proper mechanics will maximize a players potential.  Not every player can throw 90mph or hit home runs but every player can reach his or her maximum potential.   It takes hard work, dedication, and a coach to help motivate the player.  

My lessons are not a quick fix.  There is very rarely a quick fix unless there is already an established relationship between player and coach and that coach can immediately identify what is wrong.  Otherwise it may take an off season to retrain the mind and muscles into a new approach.  Sometimes all it takes is one or two lessons during the season to fix an issue but generally it depends on the proper off season program.  

I prefer not to rush players.  My pitching lessons consist of a program that begins with drills to get the player to feel what it’s like to be on top of the baseball, feel what it’s like to properly use the legs, and to strengthen the arm with long toss and exercises.   My pitchers, depending on the time of year, may not even use the mound until I feel they are ready.  

I’ve been lucky to have some very motivating and influential coaches throughout my career that influenced my coaching style into my own.  I enjoy working with players of all ages and abilities while helping them reach their personal goals.